About pinstripepride3

I live in Northern NJ with my wife – not a
huge baseball fan but she tries, and two daughters – both
Yankee fans (as if they had a choice). Both of my daughters
when learning how to talk learned the same first sentence:
Let’s go Yankees! I’ve been a Yankee fan since 1976. That’s
also about when I started collecting baseball cards and
reading everything on the backs of them – especially the
statistics. I’ve always loved comparing statistics of players
and looking beyond the normal “triple crown” stats. As early
as 1979 I can remember telling my friends that OBP is more
important than batting average (as long as the batting
averages are close). I think it was a Mickey Mantle vs.
Willie Mays debate. When I was in 5th grade I calculated the
avg, OBP and SLG of everyone on my Little League team. Just
to prove that I’m not a total geek, I made the all-star team
that year. I now realize that bragging about making the
all-star team in Little League makes me about 5 times more
pathetic than Al Bundy bragging about playing high school
football. I believe that my love for baseball statistics led
to the good math skills that eventually earned me an MBA in
Finance and my inevitable job as a Financial Analyst
(although I would love the opportunity to work for the
Yankees or Major League Baseball). While I’ve always loved
the stats, I love watching the games even more. I try to at
least catch a piece of as many Yankee games as I can –
generally 120-150 per year. I’m pretty much addicted to
baseball. There have been some rare occassions where I’ve
fallen asleep during a game (usually during those west coast
road trips) only to wake up at 3 in the morning, go
downstairs to turn on the TV just to find out if the Yankees
won. I would say that 90% of all the reading I do is baseball
related. I’m always trying to learn more about baseball, and
there’s so much to learn. When I’m not watching baseball,
reading or writing about baseball, or crunching numbers to
win a baseball related argument (ok, maybe I am a total
geek), I coach my daughter’s softball team. I love working
with the kids and showing them how to hit. There’s nothing
better than seeing the looks on their faces after they’ve
even surprised themselves by launching a line drive into the


I play the guitar, mostly hard rock/heavy
metal (yes, I had long hair in the 80s and played in a band,
but didn’t everyone who was a teenager then?). I love music
and have over 1000 CDs (loading them on my iPod took about a
year). My other love is pizza, which I have about 3 to 4
times per week, but I try to keep it to one slice per